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Stratasys Names New North American President: What Does This Mean?

Stratasys announced the hiring of John Gould as their new President of North American Operations. Who is Gould and why would Stratasys hire him? We took a look. 

You might wonder why we have interest in such a hiring; the answer is that big companies hire leaders with specific skills to address specific strategies. In other words, if a company wants to go somewhere, they hire someone with the skills to drive there. 

In the case of John Gould, we can look at his experience and perhaps gain insight into Stratasys’ strategy. 

The official line from Stratasys on Gould’s role is: 

As president of North American operations and a crucial member of the executive leadership team, he is charged with defining the company’s North American strategy to expand the business, maintain Stratasys’ thought leadership position, and continue to improve both the customer and channel partner experience.

Gould’s description of the role is similar: 

As President, Americas, I am responsible for $300M+ P&L for the leader in 3-D Printing Solutions (NASDAQ: SSYS). In this role, I am accountable for all core operational functions of the region: Sales, Channel, Marketing, Customer Service, Application Engineering, HR, Finance, & Operations. Stratasys is changing lives by literally revolutionizing how things are made!

Sounds good. 

Gould’s resume is quite lengthy, as he’s worked for a number of large companies in difficult high-level positions, evidently quite successfully, too. We see from his LinkedIn profile that he’s worked at the following companies in these roles:

  • ReachLocal, SVP, General Manager, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Operating Officer
  • DELL, Executive Director and General Manager of Europe & Middle East, Executive Director of Consulting & Professional Services and several other roles
  • Sprint, Group Manager Sales & Service Delivery
  • ADP, Sales
  • MathWorks, Senior Account Executive
  • Compaq, Sales 

As you can see, this is a guy that can sell, manage and direct, with a focus on revenue and operations. This is what we sense from this hiring: Stratasys could be looking to tune up their sales and marketing to the most optimum levels. 

Look to see Stratasys’ revenues bulge over the next year or so. 

Via Stratasys

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