Surprise! 3D Systems Drops Price on iSense Scanner

3D Systems announced a significant price drop for their handheld “iSense” 3D scanner, just in time for the holidays. 

The new price, at least until January 2, is USD$299. They say this is a 40% discount over their previous price of USD$499, although you might have been able to procure one for a bit less than USD$499 through third party resellers. Nevertheless, this is a big discount on a handheld scanner we’ve heard good things about. 

The question we’re contemplating, is why the price drop now? We don’t know the answer, but here are some possibilities, all of which are interesting. 

Holiday Sales: They’re hoping to capitalize on the upcoming shopping season to sell more scanners. However, buying a scanner is just part of the story, as someone who owns a scanner likely would want an inexpensive 3D printer, too. Perhaps this is a way to increase 3D printer sales, too? 

Increasing Competition: As we reported the other day, there have never been as many inexpensive 3D scanners to choose from. It’s possible 3D Systems is feeling that competition and is stepping up to increase sales and/or put the pressure on the competitors. 

Making Room For New Models: Many companies attempt to “clear out” older models when a new version is pending. Their online sales site indicates “ships within 15 days”, so if they had warehouses of stock to push out, the 15 day shipping may not jive with this theory. On the other hand 3D Systems is known for announcing new products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which takes in January – one week after their sale ends. 

Which theory is correct. We have no idea, but probably it’s a mix of each. 

Via Cubify

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