XYZprinting Extends Distribution Reach: Beyond All Competitors?

XYZprinting announced a deal to deliver their entire line of desktop 3D printing equipment through major retailer Target. What could this mean for XYZprinting and desktop 3D printing? 

We’ve seen announcements like this from XYZprinting previously, but this announcement got us thinking and we realized something interesting. 

First, the deal enables Target to place ALL of XYZprinting’s equipment on their product shelves, including 3D printers, scanners and associated material cartridges. Target currently operates over 1,800 retail outlets across the United States, and is in fact the second largest retailer, behind only Walmart. 

But here’s the thing: XYZprinting equipment is ALREADY available at Walmart! The company has now secured space at the top two retailers and is also available at many more places, too. 

We’ve previously spoken with management at XYZprinting and learned their distribution strategy is “complex”. That is certain, but it also appears to be very successful. Their strategy appears to be to sell products through as many possible distribution channels as possible. 

Reports indicate that the leading desktop 3D printer vendor today is XYZprinting, and while their machines are quite good, they are not the most powerful – and their pricing is quite good, but not the lowest, it seems that a combination of decent product and price when combined with a massive distribution strategy is a winner. 

This is an important data point for other desktop 3D printer manufacturers: the distribution strategy is at least as important as the quality of the machine itself. 

Via PRNewsWire

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