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Design of the Week: The Simpsons House

This week’s selection is the “Simpsons House” 3D model by Cult3D's’ designer Bubolz. 

This is a set of parts, when printed and assembled, perfectly recreates the residence of one Homer Simpson, star of the long-running US comedy cartoon, The Simpsons. 

The design involves over thirty separate parts, many of which are tiny, while others are quite large. The reason for the large number of parts is that the assembled Simpsons House is fully operational, at least from the outside. Doors and windows are fully articulated, meaning you can open doors, including the garage door, as seen here. The roof is removable to provide views of the interior. 

Here are the parts in unassembled form. 

Unfortunately, the interior does not seem to include a second floor, but if you were to paint the model to match the show’s portrayal, you’d have a pretty decent replication. Here you can see the house as seen on TV. (Aside: We ALWAYS wanted to say that in a post, and finally did it!)

This design is available for download at Cults3D, but it is not a free download. The service will charge you a whopping USD$2.12 for the entire set of parts, which is not really a financial barrier. 

One question we have is regarding the legality of this design, as it does seem to capitalize on a commercial property - and for (a very small) profit, too. If appropriate licensing has not been obtained, then it is possible that this item might eventually be removed from the Cults3D service upon request of the rights holder. If you’re concerned about that and have an interest in Simpsons’ stuff, you might want to get this one before it disappears. 

Via Cults3D

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