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The Form 2 3D Printer Ships: Tell Us About It!

Way back in September Formlabs announced the Form 2, and now it’s shipping. But we want to hear from you about it. 

As is often the case, products are announced before they ship to customers, and Formlabs’ Form 2 desktop 3D printer is no exception. Announced on September 22 of this year, the 3D printing community has been eagerly anticipating delivery of the new units, having had good experiences with the predecessor model, the Form 1+. 

The Form 2 builds on the Form 1+ by dramatically increasing the print volume, as well as adding a number of new ease-of-use features. You can read more about them in our announcement review

We don’t happen to have one in our lab, but we’re quite interested to find out more about this promising machine. Therefore, we’re asking you, dear readers, to provide us some feedback via the comments below to tell us how you’re making out with the new Form 2 that has just arrived in your workshop. 

Is the machine easier to use? How big have you been able to print? Is the Form 2 packaged differently? What’s been your experience?

Tell us below! 

Via Formlabs

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