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A Profound MeshMixer Update

MeshMixer 2.8 has been released and it fills a very significant gap in the 123D suite of 3D applications. 

We’ve been watching the progress of MeshMixer for several years now, and each new version introduces even more powerful 3D magic for you to use - at absolutely no cost. This version, 2.8, is significant because it digitally integrates with the rest of the 123D family of apps. 

It means you’ll be able to access your 123D files from MeshMixer, including items you’ve designed with 123D Design, for example. But more importantly, you can access - and edit - your 3D scans captured with 123D Catch. 

This is important because 123D Catch removed some critical editing functionality earlier, making it more difficult to process captured scans. Scans captured with 123D Catch inevitably require significant editing to remove unwanted background elements, fill holes and especially chop off straggly scan edges. Now all of that can be done in MeshMixer. 

All other MeshMixer features can also be brought to bear on your 3D scans, too. This is a very powerful upgrade - not so much for MeshMixer itself, but for 123D Catch users. 

This is a highly recommended upgrade. Download immediately! 

Via 123D

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