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Free Course on 3D Printing Technology

Deloitte University Press is offering an introductory course on 3D printing aimed at business and professionals. 

The “massive open online course” will be available from February 9-March 20 this year and is composed of a series of 6-7 minute videos totalling 2.5 hours in total. Periodic quizzes will ensure you’ve paid attention, and assignments are reviewed by peers. 

The course is designed for: “professionals working in product design, manufacturing, supply chain, strategy, and other disciplines.”, and is a collaboration between Deloitte, America Makes, 3D Systems, Marquette University and Oak Ridge National Lab. 

What will you learn? Here’s how Deloitte describes the course content: 

  • What is additive manufacturing? Learn the processes and technologies that fall under the AM umbrella and gain an understanding of where they fit within the universe of manufacturing technologies.
  • How will AM impact my business? Explore a framework based on economic principles that helps explain how AM will influence product and supply chain evolution.
  • What is happening in key sectors impacted by AM? Understand the current and potential uses of AM in sectors including medical technology, automotive, and aerospace & defense, and learn how you can analyze your own industry and company to define a path forward with AM
  • What factors influence the business case for AM? Explore the key dynamics and general factors you should consider when building a business case for AM.

The instructor for the course is Mark Cotteleer of Deloitte Services, who has held research and education positions at a number of well-known institutions, specializing in operations management and supply chain management. 

Fabbaloo readers who are with a business contemplating getting into 3D printing, this could be just for you. You’ll find how how 3D printing applies to your business. 

Via Deloitte University Press

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