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3D Systems Acquires a CAD/CAM Company

3D printing giant 3D Systems added another company to their portfolio: Cimatron Group.

Cimatron is a maker and distributor of CAD/CAM software specifically for manufacturing. The 33 year-old company has sold 40,000 units of software to operations worldwide. Two flagship products dominate their shelf: GibbsCAM, an efficient and easy to use CAM solution for driving a wide variety of CNC machines; CimatronE, their integrated CAD/CAM tool, which specializes in mold design, among other things. 

Now, at a cost of USD$97M, 3D Systems has acquired Cimatron. 

We see two key reasons why 3D Systems believes Cimatron is a fit: 

  • Function: Cimatron’s software provides 3D Systems with an ability to create molds, dies and tools that could drive more use of their 3D printing gear, if they integrate it into their factory workflow. 
  • Distribution: Cimatron also has a distribution unit, charged with selling their software worldwide. While they are likely to continue selling Cimatron software, they can now also sell other 3D Systems software to a very appropriate market. 

It’s possible that Cimatron’s software will somehow be integrated into 3D Systems’ existing software lines, as has happened to previous acquisitions, but no word on that yet. 

Meanwhile, we think this is a very smart move by 3D Systems. 

Via 3D Systems

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