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Design of the Week: Shopping Cart Token

This week’s selection is the Shopping Cart Token by Sweden-based Creative Tools.

This design is functional: it’s a plastic substitute for coinage required by those secure shopping carts often found in grocery store parking lots. You know them: the carts you cannot use because you don’t happen to have the right coin in your pocket or purse. 

Now that problem is solved forever. Simply print the Shopping Cart Token and attach to your keychain through the convenient reinforced hole and you’ll always be ready for battle with almost any shopping cart. 

The company posted the design on CGTrader, where it’s available for free download.

So there’s one catch with this design. It’s made in the shape of a 10 Euro cent coin. This will not be particularly useful at the Safeway grocery store in Sacramento, California. But that problem hints at the brilliance of this concept: similar coin tokens can be made in any size for any purpose! 

It goes beyond just currency type; we’ve observed different stores requiring different coin sizes in their carts, even in the same currency. 

Therefore, the answer is to produce designs for a variety of coin tokens and simply print the ones you need for your particular situation. 

Via CGTrader

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