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German RepRap Upgrades PRotos to v3

German RepRap has released a new version of their popular DIY 3D printer kit: PRotos v3.

The new release actually comes in two options: a base kit and a “full” kit. What’s the difference? The full kit includes several features to make life easier when 3D printing, including: a second extruder, heated print surface and LCD front panel. The heated bed on the full package implies the ability to print any commonly available 3D printer filament, including  ABS and more. 

The Base kit does not come with an SD card, permitting operation independent from your computer. Unless you are using a desktop computer, this could be quite annoying. However, the Base kit’s intention is to deliver a product affordable by most people and still provide a true 3D printing experience. 

Meanwhile, both machines provide a generous 205 x 210 x 140 build volume and can print layers down to 0.1mm in size. They’re also including the popular BuildTak print plate surface to simplify sticking during print operations. 

The Base and Full kits are available now from German RepRap’s website at €999 (USD$1,140) and €1449 (USD$1,650) respectively. If you’re interested in building your own 3D printer, either of these could be a good option. 

Via German RepRap

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