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MyMatSolutions is Developing a New Nylon Filament

Spain-based MyMat Solutions is working on a new type of nylon specifically for 3D printing. 

The company develops specialized 3D printing filaments, although they will not be marketing them to the public until March of this year. They have shown prototypes at several MakerFaire events worldwide, however. 

The new nylon product they’re working on has two very interesting properties.

First, it’s stronger. According to this chart from the company, it exhibits better mechanical characteristics than commercial nylon. 

mymat nylon adhesion.jpg

That’s good, but what’s even more interesting to us is its adhesion characteristics. As you can see in this image, the product has less shrinkage than commercial nylon, so it’s far more likely to remain stuck to your print surface. Less warping! 

In this video you can see the flexibility of a print made with this nylon. It doesn’t snap, in spite of the ominous “fragile” label visible behind the hand. 

There’s no word on pricing, but this could be a very useful material for many 3D printer operators. 

Via MyMat Solutions

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