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Tips on Painting a 3D Printed Model

German designer Guido Mandorf presents a very good tutorial on painting printed 3D models on i.Materialise. 

Painting a printed model is a step many 3D printer owners consider, but often don’t do. It may be your prints are for functional purposes and don’t require coloration, but sometimes you may wish to paint the model. 

Painting is easy, isn’t it? Just open a can of paint and brush it on?

Not so fast. Mandorf’s tutorial shows there are actually a number of steps that should be taken to produce a decently painted 3D print. 

Even better, Mandorf suggests using several tools during finishing that you may not have considered, such as a fiberglass eraser, or spray putty, which turns out to smooth the layered surface of your prints somewhat. 

Want to paint your models a bit better? Check out his tutorial at the link below. 

Via i.Materialise

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