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Design of the Week: Stone Fields

This week’s selection is artist Giuseppe Randazzo’s meticulous Stone Fields. 

Randazzo began the project in 2009, when he designed “Stone Fields” to mimic large outdoor installations of carefully arranged stones. However, at that time Randazzo simply created a 3D model from which 3D renderings were made. Beautiful, but images only. 

Let’s jump forward to August 2014, when Randazzo took another step with the project by 3D printing the entire structure. While the original 2009 version was a 3D model, it apparently was not necessarily printable. Randazzo had to tediously convert the model into 3D printable form, in what he calls a “complex process”. 

The result is a 25 x 25cm disk-shaped print. Note that the individual elements are fixed to the surface; there is no need for arrangement by tweezers. 

The final version, printed at Shapeways, was made from polyamide material and finished with airbrush painting. 

Randazzo believes the 3D version is better than the 2D: “compare them with these physical versions. Reality is ever richer than CG.”

Not only do they look better, but unlike a “natural outdoor” version, the stones will never be messed up. 

Via Nova Structura

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