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Design of the Week: Ozo Bear

This week’s selection is Emmanuel Carrillo’s curious Ozo Bear. 

The Bear may look like a possibly ferocious forest animal, but is in fact a Rubik’s cube in disguise, or at least a vastly simplified one. 

The model is composed of twelve parts with some attachment pins. The pieces are shaped for easy printing, as seen below, and all could be printed in a day or two, depending on your equipment. 

The pieces snap together with the pins and become mobile; the sections of the bear can be rotated in the same way as a Rubik’s cube - but there are fewer of them, making solving much easier. We think the Ozo Bear would be a perfect gift for children as it provides an active use component, in addition to merely visual exploration. 

The package of STL files representing the parts is available for free download at Cults3D, and they Carrillo has even included a “Sticker template” that can be used to easily apply a color texture to the exterior of the bear. 

Via Cults3D

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