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Discov3ry Paste Extruder Ships

Remember that unusual paste extruder for 3D printers, the Discov3ry? It’s now shipping. 

Structur3d, the makers of the Discov3ry, announced they’ve begun shipping the first units of the amazing device to those who signed on to their wildly successful crowdfunding campaign last summer. If you don’t recall, their target was CAD$30K and they reached CAD$126K (USD$100K). 

The Discov3ry can be added on to many personal 3D printers, and provides an immediate ability to extrude a very wide variety of gooey substances, including, but not limited to: silicone, clay, cake frosting, conductive electric paint, Nutella and much more. 

It’s still possible to order a Discov3ry for CAD$379 (USD$300) but you’ll have to wait until the Kickstarter orders have been shipped, which the company expects to complete by May. 

Via Kickstarter and Structur3D

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