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Lumi Releases 3D Model Braille Generator

Lumi Industries, the folks who created the LumiPocket 3D printer, have released a free braille generator. 

It’s actually a converter. You specify a string of characters and the software converts them into a single 3D model representing the corresponding braille characters. While each character is represented by a flat square containing braille raised dots, the conversion produces a single 3D model that connects all the requested characters in sequence. 

The resulting 3D model is immediately ready for 3D printing, unless you wish to change the size of the 3D model. 

We gave the software a test and it works very well. In the image above we unashamedly generated our name, “Fabbaloo”. 

One note: this software is only produced for the Windows platform. It would be nice if this became a web-based service that would permit use on all platforms, but for now it’s quite usable if you have a Windows machine handy.

Via Lumi Industries

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