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Creadition Seeks Funds To Begin Filament Production

A new company hopes to begin production of an extensive line of 3D printer filaments. 

Creadition, a Puerto Rico-based company, hopes to raise USD$30,000 to bring their product to market. Their product? “Filamento”, the “next generation in premium 3D printing materials”

According to their Kickstarter page, they’ve already “produced seven series of Filamento”, apparently being: PLA, ABS, NYLON, WOOD, DISSOLVABLE, FLEXIBLE and “CRYSTALLIZED”, whatever that might be. They’re apparently developing “three new materials that represent a breakthrough in the industry”, but no further details are provided. 

The company explains how high quality filament is absolutely required for reliable and accurate 3D printing, which is entirely true. They’re hoping to eliminate inconsistency, poor composition, contamination and “Other attributes of low quality materials”. That’s all good. The importance of quality filament is critical, we believe - and is often not valued until you actually use super-high quality filament and compare with what you’ve been using. 

However, we find this campaign a bit strange, as their website does not actually offer any products for sale and merely directs visitors to the Kickstarter web page. However, you can secure a spool of Filamento from their campaign page, but it seems quite pricey at a minimum of USD$200 to acquire a spool of unknown weight. It may be that the company has not actually produced any product for shipment yet. 

They’re hoping to raise USD$30,000 to bring product to market. We’re hoping those funds aren’t for acquiring production filament extrusion equipment, as they’d have to spend a lot more to enable production of high quality filament. 

Via Kickstarter

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