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3D Printshow Hits Berlin

The latest episode of 3D Printshow opens this week in Berlin. 

3D Printshow has been rapidly expanding this year, growing significantly from their initial event in London in 2012. Now they’re scheduled to hold some seven events in locations around the world. 

But next week the show opens in Berlin for the first time on March 26th. It’s being held at STATION-Berlin, a former railway station now turned into a top-class event centre, just south of Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin. 

Tickets are still available for this event, which we highly recommend attending if you have any interest in 3D printing or related areas. 

The show runs from Thursday the 26 through Saturday the 28th and includes specific features and events addressing focus areas such as medical, business, investment and art. As well, a large number of vendors will be exhibiting their latest products

If you’re considering attending, be aware that this event provides a very wide variety of ticketing options ranging from an all-event pass down to tickets for individual events being held at the show, so they definitely provide the optimum pricing for you. 

Via 3D Printshow

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