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Solidscape Awards Design Winners

An amazing set of jewelry designs were selected for awards at the recent Baselworld Design Competition. 

Solidscape, if you haven’t heard, is a manufacturer of high-resolution wax 3D printers, typically used by jewelers to create wax models for metal casting.

The competition awarded Platinum, Gold and Silver winners in two categories, jewelry design and fine art. We’re very impressed with these designs. 

basel jewelry 1 dragon pendant.jpg

First place, Jewelry: Dragon Pendant by OG-Art Studio, Poland

basel jewelry 2 chrysanthemum brooch.jpg

Second place, Jewelry: Chrysanthemum Brooch by Hiroaki Watanabe, Japan

basel jewelry 3 firebrand pendant.jpg

Third place, Jewelry: Firebird Pendant by W.A Chamal S Jayaratna ,Sri Lanka 

basel jewelry 3 mermaid ring.jpg

Third place (tie), Jewelry: Mermaid ring by House of Wittelsbach, USA

basel art 1 violin.jpg

First place, Fine Art: Violin by Higher Lyrics Art, Oliver Borgardts, Germany

basel art 2 cassoulet with phoenix.jpg

Second place, Fine Art: Cassoulet with Phoenix by Hiroaki Watanabe, Japan (yes, again!)

basel art 3 ballerina.jpg

Third place, Fine Art: Ballerina by Meenakshi Rawa, India

Intricate and unusual designs such as these are made possible by the technology of 3D printing, which enables the imagination of the artist to become real through 3D modeling. We support contest such as this because they challenge designers to take an extra step and make superior designs.

Introducing Mike and Marcus!

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