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Stratasys Brings Connex3 To The Dental Industry


Stratasys has supercharged their Objet 260 platform to provide new functions for dental 3D printing. 

The new machine, the Objet260 Dental Selection 3D Printer, builds on both the Objet260 platform and the company’s Connex3 technology. Connex3 was announced about a year ago, and it provides three independently controlled resin jets within a single 3D printer. Using this technology up to three resins can be mixed to provide a much wider variety of material properties and colors. 

In the Objet260 Dental Selection machine, the usual Stratasys dental resins continue to work, but the addition of an extra jet permits the use of color in 3D printed dental models. In other words, not only can they print a model with rigid teeth and softer gums, it can now be printed in lifelike colors. 

Stratasys has arranged a new set of resin palettes for this use that permit an appropriate selection of colors. The Objet platform appears otherwise unchanged, as it still includes the same 255 x 252 x 200mm build volume and highly-accurate 16 micron (0.016mm) layer size. 

Dental has always been a prime area of focus for industrial 3D print manufacturers, as it is perhaps one of the most "personal" applications - everyone's teeth are unique. 3D printers may not be great for mass production, but they excel at printing unique items. Like teeth. 

Via Stratasys

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