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Design of the Week: Bottle Tap

This week’s selection is YouMagine contributor TimeLapse21’s simple Bottle Tap. 

The design is simply a horizontal pipe that can be screwed onto any common plastic drink bottle. The idea is that you can jam it into a nearby sugar maple tree and collect that sweet sap. 

TimeLapse21 says:

A clever tree tap that lets you screw a water bottle on! Fresh maple sap is actually quite delicious, especially if you add a little bit of lemon juice. Put the bottle on at the beginning of the day, and enjoy some sap later. 

The item is provided in two parts, a bottle cap and a tap line. You’ll simply print both items and then epoxy them together. That’s it for the printing part, as the rest of the process involves drilling a small hole in a sugar maple tree, but that’s all explained in detail in the included instructions. 

If you’re wondering why sap “runs”, you might want to read this for a technical explanation of what’s happening inside the tree during this time of year. 

It is indeed the time of year for maple sap, if you happen to have a forest of sugar maple trees nearby. If so, you might want to try out this simple print. 

Via YouMagine

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