The Rapide Lite 200XL 3D Printer

Rapide 3D, a growing technology manufacturer from Melbourne, Australia has started a crowd funding campaign for the Rapide Lite 200XL. It’s an FDM 3D printer that prints almost 16 inches high (400mm)!

The first thing I thought when I saw this new 3D printer was that someone took a RepRap Prusa i3 and stretched it taller, while integrating key features we’ve become accustomed to in the latest plug n’ print 3D printers. The device includes features like a 2.8” touchscreen, heated bed, all for a reasonable reasonable price. Indiegogo backers can receive their printer at a spectacular discounted USD$999 instead of the future retail price of USD$2,499. Making this printer one of the most affordable “larger” 3D printers available today.

Built for durability, the Rapide Lite 200XL is all metal, with a simple yet elegant design. Including their proprietary extruder carriage “X WING”, which they used on their last 3D printer, which raised over $330,000 on indiegogo. The key aspect of this new printer is the build volume: 200 X 200 X 400 mm: A whopping 16,000 cubic cm! All that for only USD$999.

Notably, if Rapide 3D reaches their stretch goals, they will also include WiFi connectivity and remote monitoring at targets of USD$100,000 and $250,000 respectively. They’ll also build remote access and live chat support at USD$500K and USD$1M. As of right now, it looks like they’ll be able to pass USD$100,000, but will really need a big marketing push to achieve further stretch goals. That’s what this article is for, to support a small company that wants to see 3D printing power in the hands of everyone, and change the world one print at a time.

Via Indiegogo

Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo – Founder WiZE 3D

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