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Design of the Week: Leonard Nimoy Memorial Print

spock LLAP.jpg

This week’s selection is the Leonard Nimoy Memorial Print, by Thingiverse designer Geoff.W of Australia. 

There can be only one possible model for this week, as this one honors the actor who for decades played “Spock”. It’s simply a hand raised in the famous Live Long and Prosper pose. 

The model is available for free download at Thingiverse, and comes in several variations, with or without titling and even just the hand itself without the mount. (Aside: we can imagine the hand being used for some interesting 3D mashups.)

The model is very easy to print and requires no support material. You can see our example print above, printed in some very questionable PLA - but our excuse is that it was the color most closely resembling Spock’s usual blue Science Officer uniform that we had on the shelf.  

Why do we consider this an important design? Because in some manner, Star Trek helped to inspire the idea of 3D printing. The “replicator” was just a crazy idea in the 1960’s when Star Trek’s commissary used one to prepare meals for the ship’s crew. 

Today, it is not a crazy idea. 

It is real. Slower, cruder and mostly not edible, but definitely real. 

Thank you, Leonard!

Via Thingiverse

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