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Get More 3D Models at Wamungo


Tired of Thingiverse? Unfulfilled at YouMagine? Perhaps you’d like to try Wamungo, another 3D model repository. 

Wamungo (of whose name’s origin we have no clue) operates in a manner similar to Thingiverse and other popular 3D model repositories. They offer the ability for designers to upload 3D models for free download. They say: 

Anyone can add their offers, requests or contributions free of charge and present, provided they comply with ethical principles and are not racist, pornographic or violence-glorifying. 

Uploaded 3D models are divided into twenty-one high-level categories, including “Fashion”, “Art”, “Cars”, “Pets” and something called “Love Toys”. We’ll check that one out later. 

Something to note: many of the models appear to be lifted from Thingiverse. The few instances of this we inspected in detail appear to be Creative Commons licensed material that can legally be moved about, so long as the attributions remain the same. And they do. However, we’re wondering about the meta-information that also seems to be collected from Thingiverse’s pages. 

In any case, Wamungo could be yet another source for 3D models, if you don’t have enough already. 

Via Wamungo

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