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Ultimaker is Giving Away Two Ultimakers!

ultimaker free contest.png

In a surprise announcement, Ultimaker has announced a contest where two people will win a brand new Ultimaker 3D printer.

The company has apparently reached the astonishing total of 100,000 Facebook friends. They say: 

To celebrate we’re giving away two Ultimaker 2’s for you and a friend to enjoy. Tag a friend and tell us why you need to have an Ultimaker in your life. Best entry wins!

By “best”, they mean “the most fun/creative response”.

If you - and a friend - would like a free Ultimaker, one of the better 3D printer options, you might want to fire up your creative engines and attempt an entry to this contest. However, with 100,000 friends, you could face some competition. The results will be interesting - and winners announced on March 10th, so enter now. 

Via Facebook

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