The Big Builder 3D Printer

What’s better than a 3D printer that can create objects seemingly out of thin air? A BIGGER 3D printer.

The Big Builder from Builder is exactly that. At a print height of 26 inches (664mm) the Big Builder can make objects taller than both its leading competitors, the Leapfrog Creatr XL, and the Makerbot Z18, at a fraction of the price. The machine is capable of printing flexible filaments as well as PLA using PVA support material.

While being able to print objects nearly 50% taller than the Z18, at half the price is what the Builder’s known for, it’s not the only revolutionary feature this printer has. 

We are starting to see more and more 3D printing companies include multi-color 3D printers in their lineup, and Builder is no exception. While most companies use the dual-extruder, dual-feed approach to achieve multi-colors, Builder has decided to incorporate a “color mixing tool”. A hybrid of sorts that combines the best of both worlds (Which is available on all their multi-color printers). 

Allowing the user to take advantage of a couple benefits only found in color mixing printers. First is the ability to gradually mix colors to create a different color, which is not that different from your 1st grade art class. To do so Builder has developed software to enable the GCODE to extrude both colors at once through a single hot-end. 

For example, printing from 100% yellow bottom to 100% blue top, creates a green hybrid color in the middle. Secondly, having both colors extrude out of the same hot-end eliminates the added time required to switch from one extruder to another as seen in dual extruding 3D printers, drastically reducing the print time.

Via Builder

Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo – Founder WiZE 3D

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