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CLAWZ To Break Through Into Mainstream Fashion?

3D printed nails startup CLAWZ managed to get covered in Elle, a notable fashion publication. Does this mean something important is about to happen? 

Elle might not be something commonly read by Fabbaloo readers, but here’s the scoop: it is the world’s largest fashion magazine, according to Wikipedia, who says it has 43 international editions in over 60 countries. That’s big. 

And CLAWZ found their way into the China edition. 

Up to now, 3D printed fashion has been in some ways an experimental pursuit, something you might see at a high-end specialty fashion show, or in an art exhibit. Part of the reason for that is the fragility and expense of 3D printed components. 

However, CLAWZ is printing fingernail art. That’s tiny prints, and tiny prints are not so expensive. Perhaps in the price range many consumers may find affordable. 

We’re wondering if CLAWZ could be the first 3D printed fashion operation that truly moves into the consumer world. It’s possible, as they’ve selected a particular niche that seems to fit both fashion needs and consumer pricing expectations. 


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