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Design of the Week: Dog’s Game

This week’s selection is the very interesting “Dog’s Game” by Cults 3D designer Empezando Diseño.

The Dog’s Game 3D model is a set of components that are used to help teach dogs how to obtain a prize by overcoming obstacles. 

The model is a plate with six equally-sized depressions, into which are placed a variety of differently shaped objects. At the bottom of one of the depressions is a prize for the dog, perhaps a tasty treat. The dog is required to sniff out the location of the prize and then somehow remove the object to free it up. 

The interesting part is that there are several objects provided with varying degrees of difficulty. The easy ones are shaped like bowling pins, easy for a canine to bite and toss aside. The more difficult ones have relatively tiny pegs that must be carefully found and grasped to remove the object. Four increasingly difficult levels are provided, although we presume you could also design your own items for variety and even more difficulty.

Here’s a video of a busy dog working the puzzle. Over time the dogs will gradually learn how to solve the puzzle more efficiently and thus increase their skills a bit. And have some fun, too. 

This item is available for download at Cults3D at a cost of USD$7.30, which is a reasonable cost for such an interesting product. 

Via Cults3D

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