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Design of the Week: Fork Cable Organizer

This week’s selection is the Fork Cable Organizer by CGTrader contributor Tosh Sayama. 

The item is a practical yet arty way to organize those annoying Apple charger cables. If you have an iPhone, and a lot of people do, you will have such cables dragging all over the place. 

Michigan-based Sayama describes his design style:

My focus is variety of whimsical products made with a 3D printer. The process of turning a concept into a reality, and watching new ideas take shape thrilling.

This design not only holds your cable, but when doing so it looks very much like spaghetti twisted around a fork. Practicality, function and fun all wrapped up in a 3D model you can download and print. 

The model is available at CGTrader for download at the rather low price of only USD$3. Should you want to have it printed, you can do so directly from Sayama’s Fork Cable Organizer page in various materials for costs ranging from USD$15-76. 

Via CGTrader

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