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Yes, 3D Printshow Is Open - And We Have a Surprise For You

Contrary to rumors, the 2015 3D Printshow is alive and well in New York City this week. 

We’ve been onsite to gather information on the latest developments by interviewing a number of vendors, as have a great many visitors. On display are some very interesting machines, services and some radically different business models from several companies. We’ll be reporting on them in some detail in coming days. 

Meanwhile, the show remains open until Sunday, in spite of grossly incorrect information distributed to showgoers by a large team of mysterious and aggressive people positioned around the 3D Printshow venue and nearby subway stations, dressed up in gear very similar to - but not the same as - 3D Printshow staff. This is something we’ve never seen previously at any event - and don’t want to see again. 

To make things easier for you to attend, we’ve twisted some arms and obtained a very special discount code for the event that will get you in AT NO COST! All you need to do is use code “NEWY200” and you’re good to go. Simply register here and head down to 548 West 22nd St in New York City, if you happen to be in the area. Please pass this around if you can. 

If you do attend, please drop by the Disruptive desk and say hello!

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