3D Systems China Formed From New Acquisition

3D Systems announced the acquisition of Easyway Design and Manufacture Co in China. And then changed their name. 

Easy way is the latest of 3D Systems’ numerous strategic corporate acquisitions, which we recently examined. The company is described as a “leading Chinese 3D printing sales and service provider”, with operations in all major Chinese cities. The company delivers equipment as a reseller and also provides 3D print services to industry. 

3D Systems announced they’ve formed “3D Systems China” based on the former Easyway operation. This enables 3D Systems to have a local outlet for their global Quickparts industrial parts 3D print service. 

You might think they can simply ship parts from other Quickparts factories, but that has proven to be a less effective approach. Shipping adds to the cost of printed parts, as well as additional elapsed time. Even worse, parts being imported risk delays at border crossings. By having an established 3D print service center inside China, 3D Systems avoids these issues. 

Even better for 3D Systems is the huge industrial market in China, where product prototypes and production units are in high demand. 3D Systems China will be able to directly address that market.

This is not the first time 3D Systems has made a move of this type. It’s become a practical method for them: acquire a successful 3D parts service in a distant region, particularly one that makes extensive use of 3D Systems’ gear. By doing this, 3D Systems has been able to grow Quickparts into one of, if not the, largest 3D printing parts service in our world. 

Via 3D Systems

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