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3D Hubs Makes Another Big Connection

Last week 3D Hubs announced a deal with SketchFab. This week it’s with Thingiverse!

The deal with SketchFab involved installing a “ORDER 3D PRINT” button on printable SketchFab models. Visitors viewing the 3D model could instantly request a 3D print through this button, which sets up a request to 3D Hub’s community network of 3D printers for hire.

The deal with Thingiverse is similar. 

As of the 21st, “selected designers” using Thingiverse will be able to add a “Get This Printed” button to their content. Upon pressing it, a print request is prepared for 3D Hubs. 

To make it more interesting for Thingiverse contributors, MakerBot is adding a “Tip” feature for designs. In this way those who order a print can, as part of the 3D Hubs order process, pay an additional amount that “goes directly to the designer”. 

We think this is a great feature, as the buyer knows exactly the amount being transferred to the participating designer. Tipping is optional, so not everyone would decide to compensate the designer, but it’s a start. 

This move is also interesting from a corporate point of view, as this appears to be the first time Thingiverse has involved financial transactions to take place. If MakerBot is taking a cut of the 3D Hubs order, then it would mark the first time MakerBot has monetized Thingiverse. 

Via 3D Hubs

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