3D Slash Provides an Easy Way to Produce 3D Models

3D Slash Provides an Easy Way to Produce 3D Models

Looking for a way to easily create 3D models? You might check out 3D Slash. 

It’s a web-based or downloadable 3D modeling tool, but don’t let that scare you. Unlike many 3D modeling tools that appear very challenging for first-timers, 3D Slash is designed for beginners. 

Most 3D modeling systems adopt a mental paradigm as the basis for their approach. In the case of Minecraft, it’s “blocks”. For some it’s the idea of “primitive 3D shapes” and others it could be “2D sketches transformed into 3D”.

3D Slash’s paradigm is perfect for non-designers: it’s using a hammer drill to “slash” into cubes. This should be very familiar to almost anyone who’s ever made anything with their hands. Just hack away to create an object. 

An extremely interesting feature is the ability to import and export STL 3D models. This means that non-designers would be able to find interesting 3D models from any number of online repositories and be able to modify them using 3D Slash. Even better, the export STL feature means you can then 3D print the modified 3D model.

We learned they now have over 200 beta testers trying out the service, and that they’ve created over 6,000 objects so far. With many more to come, no doubt. 

At this time 3D Slash handles only mono-color objects. That’s fine for producing 3D models for printing, as few 3D printers can handle color. Nevertheless, 3D Slash will be introducing a color feature soon, which would enable non-designers to send their color models to 3D print services where a color print could be produced. 

Currently the service is provided at no charge, but we understand they’re working on a “freemium” version that would add some features at a modest cost. 

Via 3D Slash

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