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An Advanced Digital Manufacturing Hub For Western Canada

oic announcement.jpg

The government of Canada announced they’re pitching in CAD$5M to support a CAD$20M advanced digital manufacturing hub. 

The project is the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) that will be built over the next five years. The new OIC will focus on 3D printing applications in aerospace and medical markets. 

The government contributed financial component will support purchasing not only 3D printing gear, but also digital subtractive manufacturing gear such as CNC equipment. They’re trying to accelerate the use of these advanced technologies in Canada. 

One of the key requirements for the OIC will be the ability to 3D print metal objects, and one of the partners in the venture is EOS, makers of some of the best metal 3D printers available. Also partnering is Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, who will be setting up their first Canadian manufacturing location in association with the project. 

Centers like this are key to pushing the technology out to regional businesses, many of whom are still unaware of the benefits of using 3D print technology. By having a local presence, word of mouth can significantly raise awareness. Just drop by for a tour and attitudes change quickly. 

Via Orthopaedic Innovation Centre

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