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BQ’s Ciclop 3D Scanner

Madrid-based 3D printer manufacturer BQ makes the WitBox 3D printer, but did you know they also make a tabletop 3D scanner? 

The device is known as the Ciclop, and it’s a 3D scanner kit. 

It’s a tabletop device in which you drop a small object on a turntable that slowly revolves, exposing the subject object to twin lasers that capture the shape. 

Scanning precision is set at 0.5mm, which is decent but not suitable for capturing smooth surfaces. Scanning time ranges from 2-8 minutes, as it rotates 1600 times per revolution. Captures are prepared in .PLY format, which we think is a good idea. While .STL format is most commonly used for 3D printing, it does not contain color information. .PLY format does, meaning you could theoretically print your scanned object in color, if you have access to a color 3D printer. 

Software is provided as a customized package called “Horus”, which has been conveniently released to the world by BQ as an open source product. 

Hardware is provided in kit form. You’ll have to build the Ciclop yourself, but again BQ is providing the details in open source hardware form. 

The scanner kit is priced at €250 (USD$279). 

Via BQ

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