Intel and 3D Systems Partner On Laptop 3D Scanning

Intel’s RealSense 3D scanning cameras have transformed the way we look at laptops. From gesture controls to 3D scanning, Intels new camera has added a whole drawer of tools to the digital toolbox we call laptops. 

But where does 3D Systems fall in? Simply put; Intel has the hardware and 3D Systems supplies the software.

Combining the hardware and software of two companies, laptop manufacturers Dell and Acer are now including the 3Dme app from 3D Systems on select laptops equipped with Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras. The 3Dme software can also be installed on older laptops that possess Intel’s RealSense 3D scanning cameras.

“With Intel RealSense technology consumers can control and interact with their computers in a natural, intuitive and immersive way,” said Mooly Eden, senior vice president of Intel and general manager at Perceptual Computing Group. “At Intel, we believe 3D scanning and printing is going to be a game changer for consumers, educators and makers. We are thrilled to be working with 3D Systems to jointly apply our integrated 3D camera technology to enable the creation of 3D personalized animation and printed collectibles and selfies everywhere.”

This partnership is pushing laptop capabilities deep into the 21st century. Imagine the next time you open your laptop, you decide to capture and 3D print a model of your face just because you can. Or maybe you want to duplicate that object to your right. No problem – If you have a RealSense-equipped laptop and 3D printer handy.

Intel is now mass producing these 3D cameras, making them readily available for any laptop manufacturer. This can only lead to further development of the hardware and software, and we’ll soon see this same technology integrated into mobile devices. 

At MakerCon 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said “Our goal is to just have a tablet that you can go out and buy that has this capability. Eventually within two or three years I want to be able to put it on a phone.” In fact we already have seen this effect to some extent with devices like the Nintendo 3DS, and HTC EVO 3D. They just lack the software to “digitize” objects. 

I’m hoping digitization comes in the form of an app, to upgrade older devices in the same way Intel and 3D Systems have used 3Dme.

Via Intel

Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo – Founder WiZE 3D

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