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voxeljet’s USA Hub Opens

Germany-based voxeljet has opened a new service location in the United States. 

Specifically, they’ve created a North American Services facility, located in Canton, Michigan, which is quite near Detroit, the center of automotive happenings in the USA. 

The facility is a large 50,000sf factory containing no less than four of voxeljet’s incredibly large 3D printers. The company markets two styles of machines, plastic and sand, so we expect they’ll install some of each at the new facility. They’ve stated the Canton service facility will include their flagship VX4000, a truly massive 3D printer for sand casting with a build volume of 4000 x 2000 x 1000mm. 

North American customers will be able to request prints from the facility, which can run them off with the help of voxeljet's skilled operators.

We think this is a very good move for voxeljet, as it provides a means for clients - or prospects - to try out voxeljet’s equipment without having to outlay the significant costs of buying their own. We’re certain voxeljet hopes frequently users of the new facility will eventually become owners of their own voxeljet equipment, but for now this provides a path for that to happen. And get useful casting work done, too. 

The headquarters for voxeljet is in Friedberg, Germany, where equipment exists. The placement of customer-usable equipment in the USA significantly reduces the usage barriers, as shipping costs for prints would otherwise be prohibitive. We expect the company to not only increase sales of equipment, but also raise the company’s profile significantly in the USA.

Via voxeljet

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