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The Peachy 3D Printer Is Almost Ready

It’s been a very long time, but the Peachy 3D printer is apparently almost ready to ship. 

Peachy Printer made a huge splash almost two years ago when they announced the development of a sub-USD$100 3D printer in a very successful crowdfunding campaign. At the time, virtually all 3D printers were priced in the USD$500+ range. Today prices have dropped somewhat, although you should always be wary of any company’s low-priced equipment, as small revenues may compromise company viability. 

We don’t think that’s the case for Peachy Printer, even though it is perhaps the lowest of the low-cost 3D printers. That’s because the company has invented a resin-based 3D printing process that should be extremely inexpensive to manufacture. 

We’ve covered this before, but basically they’ve eliminated the need for heavy electronics and mechanicals and can still 3D print excellently shaped objects, as you can see above. 

Unfortunately, since their launch they have not been able to ship the product, aside from a limited set of beta testers. It turns out the reasons for the delay were in fact reasonable: the company was trying to make the product work properly and reliably and avoid shipping an unfinished design. This is quite admirable, as we’ve seen other companies push out products that simply didn’t work. Peachy has taken their time to make things right, or at least they say so:

In our last update we mentioned that we had a decision to make between circuit designs and magnets. Well since then we’ve made those decisions! The changes to the circuit that we are using are major and benefit the printer in multiple ways. We’ll get into the details in a future update, but what that means for now is that hardware development for the Peachy Printer Kit is pretty much finished! That being said, our new estimated delivery dates are July - October 2015. 

Following delivery of kits, the company will deliver assembled versions of the Peachy Printer. From there, the company is developing the “Peachy Printer Pro”, a more refined version of the concept, as well as a scanner attachment and a new reservoir.  

Via PeachyPrinter

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