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Design of the Week: LED Light Stand

This week’s selection is the LED Light Stand by Ivan Zhurba. 

The LED light stand is a simplistic and functional design of a housing for LED lighting, designed for easy 3D printing and use.  And it’s very attractive, too, able to fit into any contemporary room design. It appears very easy to print, as well. 

Created by Kiev-based 3D designer Ivan Zhurba, who is best known for his series of “wire” objects, the LED Light Stand is deployed on the 3D model distribution platform. The platform permits customization of designer-made models by interested buyers and charges a fee per print. believes the pay-per-print business model could attract designers, and it seems to have done so, as Zhurba has joined their team to produce new and interesting 3D models for the service, such as the LED Light Stand.


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