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Ultimaker Gets Serious About The United States

Ultimaker now seeks to hire an official Director of Sales & Business Development for USA operations. 

The company has been viewed as one of the top players, frequently mentioned alongside the much larger MakerBot and 3D Systems personal 3D printer offerings, but up to now has been largely a European-based operation. 

Now they’re advertising specifically for a business development and sales role within the US. The job description says: 

A key part of your role will be to set up and run our North-American operations, developing and implementing our distributor and reseller strategy in the US – with the ultimate goal of taking our innovative products to market. Steering us through a period of tremendous growth in the US, this role includes the identification, recruitment, negotiation and on-going management of tech partners for our platform, including, but not limited to existing partners like Autodesk and Fablabs.

The role will be based in a brand new New York City office for Ultimaker, but will report directly to Ultimaker’s Chief Operating Officer in the Netherlands. 

The USA is clearly the single largest market for personal 3D printers in the world at this time, with something close to half of the market, so it is always a goal of 3D printing companies to do business there. However, while it’s relatively easy to try to sell products to the USA remotely, it’s often less successful than it could be.

Thus, companies often set up a US office when they feel they need to push hard in that market. Local marketeers know the region best and their expertise can take a company forward in ways not possible otherwise. 

This is what Ultimaker is doing. It’s now clear that a key part of their strategy is to significantly raise their profile and sales within the USA, and this step will greatly assist in achieving that goal. 

Americans, expect to see a lot more Ultimakers on desks, in stores and at resellers. 

Via Ultimaker

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