Meshmixer Version 2.9 Released

Autodesk Meshmixer is one of my favourite apps for 3D printing. 

I use it regularly for almost any kind of print, but I’m particularly fond of the support generation tool. Thankfully, Autodesk are continuing the development of this software with regular updates and have recently shipped version 2.9. There is one major new tool with this update, and two major technical updates along with several smaller changes.

The first thing to look at is the new accurate Transformations tools which have received major changes in this version of Meshmixer. You can now move, rotate or scale your objects much more precisely. 

To coincide with this is the addition of the Pivot tool, which is a handy little tool that has several uses. You designate a point on the surface of an object for a pivot, and you can rotate or scale it around this point, instead of the point at the centre of the object. Pivots can also be used to accurately snap 2 objects together.

The Pivots work with other tools in interesting ways. For example you place a pivot onto an object, open the plane cut tool and then click on the pivot to cut in the correct position and angle. Other tools like mirror geometry can also be used with pivots.

The third major update is the new changes to textures, and Autodesk seem very proud of what they have done. They have made the textures consistent, even when editing the model. This is especially useful when reducing the polycount of a model or using Booleans. 

This is likely not that important for those of you using consumer FDM printers, but those lucky enough to have access to full colour printing might be very interested. It is also useful for general 3D modelling that doesn’t involve 3D printing. This feature seems to effect performance slightly, I noticed a little bit of lag. But it’s nothing too serious.

Other smaller changes include updates to the Align and Remesh tools, as well as various user interface and hotkey updates.

Via 123DApp

Marcus Rockcliffe is a 3D designer and 3D printing technical expert at Creative 3D, a UK based 3D printer retailer and 3D printing Service Bureau. 

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