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Design of the Week: Giant 3D Printed Paul McCartney

This week’s selection is the incredible 3D print of Paul McCartney done by the folks from aye aye labs

This golden sculpture is in fact larger than real life: it’s much taller than 180cm (5’9”), which is the former Beatles’ singer’s actual height. 

The spectacular print was printed on aye aye lab’s massive Hotrod Henry 3D printer in about two dozen sections, in spite of the Hotrod’s huge build size. However, there weren’t that many sections. Other large scale prints we’ve seen can require literally hundreds of pieces. 

mccartney torso - 1.jpg

The print was done in fairly coarse layers for two reasons: 

  • Printing fine layers would have taken eons to complete at this size of object.
  • Such a large object has no need for fine detail as it is normally viewed from a distance. 

We’re not sure what plans are in store for the Golden Paul, but more than likely it will travel through various trade shows in the near future. 

Do you want to print your own Paul? Maybe you can’t do it at the size shown here, but you can find the 3D model at the link below. 

Via Paul McCartney

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