Artficial’s 3D Printed “Art DNA”

Artficial is a new source for interesting 3D models and prints, focusing on historical sculptures.

The company operates as a 3D print service, but includes a small repository of high-quality 3D models that have been captured from actual historical sculptures. 

Visitors to their service can peruse the library and choose any model for 3D print production by specifying required dimensions and material type.

Alternatively, Artficial also permits a “free print” of any 3D model in their collection. 

Wait, you might be wondering how they can offer the 3D model for free download but at the same time charge for prints? The answer is that they don’t actually provide the 3D model. Instead they use the Authentise 3D print streaming service to provide a secure, one-time 3D print stream directly to your 3D printer. You never see the actual 3D model, as the stream is already pre-sliced and ready to print. 

To make use of the free print feature, you’ll have to register at their site and install the Authentise streaming software on your equipment. 

Currently the site offers only ten 3D models in this fashion, but it appears they have intentions of providing more pieces from different historical periods, including: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Empire, Liberty, Islamic, Hebrew, African and Asiatic. Some of these categories have yet to include a single item, so we expect Artficial has some work to do. 

Indeed, one of the services they provide is an ability for museums, collectors and owners of sculptures to be digitized and brought into the service to expose new works to the world. And get some revenue from prints, too. They say: 

Artficial began in its quest of democratizing art by developing a “cradle of technology” which will be set up inside several museums within some of the world’s most visited and important cultural and historical sites. Visitors will be able to pick up exact miniature replicas of the artworks present in each site. Through the Artficial platform they will also be able to create a customized replica of the artworks and have it delivered to their homes.

By progressively taking some of the most valuable examples from humanity’s artistic and cultural heritage into the future of manufacturing, Artficial will make the past of human creativity more accessibile than ever, inspiring a new era for artistic expression. By passing DNA on to the next generations, humanity assures the survival of its species. Through Art DNA and 3D printing it can assure the survival of its essence.

Via Artficial

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