There’s Something New Every Week at 52shapes

A unique 3D design and print delivery process has been created by the folks at 52shapes.

There are an increasing number of 3D designers taking advantage of 3D printing and it’s thus become much harder to be noticed and have works purchased. Different approaches have been attempted, but one we found quite interesting was one created by 52shapes, led by Petra Mastenbroek and Paul Eikelboom.

The idea is that they develop one entirely-new 3D design each week, released each Sunday at 7PM Netherlands time. Prints of this design are offered for sale, but only in limited quantities. We’re told the company will provide only 500 units of a particular model to the USA, for example, with other quantities available for other regions. 

The company focuses on “funny, cute, quirky things for your home” and indeed they do, although most items appear to be lamps of various styles. We checked out several very unique items at the recent 3D Printshow in NYC, including the lamps shown above. Each item seen was of high quality and had a very interesting design. 

Pricing of items is comparable to similar high-end 3D printed home items from other sources, with a typical lamp going for €250-300 (USD$280-340). Delivery takes approximately two weeks. Note that you’ll have to supply your own LED light for these products. 

Will their design deployment process succeed? Time will tell. As of this writing, they’re approaching week #20, so they’re through one-third of the year. 

Via 52shapes

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