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Digits2Widgets’ List of 3D CAD Software

There are a huge number of different 3D design software environments. We found a good list of them for you. 

The list was created by Digits2Widgets, a London-based 3D print services company that has done some exceptionally interesting work

Their list includes some 28 different 3D CAD environments, divided into “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” categories. Each entry includes links to the software’s online pages as well as a short description of the environment. 

We encourage you to try as many 3D software environments as you can; they all provide a different take on 3D design and only by looking will you find the one that’s best for your application. Each tool focuses on a specific type of design (with the possible exception of Blender, which seems to try to focus on everything at once!)

If you are looking for 3D design software, you can also consider checking out our very own buying guide, which includes a recommendation engine that interactively develops a short list of candidate software products for you to check out. We also have recommendation engines for 3D printers and other related products and services, too. 

Via Digits2Widgets

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