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Trouble With 3D Print Plate Adhesion? Try 3D-EeZ

One of the most problematic issues with personal 3D printers is having prints remain stuck to the bed during printing. 3D-EeZ has a solution for that. 

The problem has long been recognized by those performing 3D printing and has resulted in numerous approaches, including: blue painters tape, hair spray, acetone “juice”, glue stick applications and specialized replacement beds. The most effective solution is actually a heated print plate or chamber, but many inexpensive 3D printers are not equipped with such. 

3D-EeZ is a liquid solution that you apply to your existing print bed. After several coatings, it dries into a surface capable of fixing your prints to the bed without incident. We’re told one application of 3D-EEZ is suitable for a number of prints, so you do not have to re-apply the material on each print. 

How well does it work? We recommend checking out Fabbaloo friend Richard Horne’s lab test of this product. Horne found 3D-EeZ was able to keep virtually all materials secured to the print bed during printing, even more than desired in some cases. Horne used a heated bed during his testing, but we believe the product could work well without one, too. 

3D-EeZ is available in the USA and UK currently, in several prices and container sizes, but for a point of reference, the 1L bottle is priced at USD$30. 

If you’re having challenges with print adhesion, you might want to give 3D-EeZ a try. 

Via 3D-EeZ

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