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3DPrinterOS Expands Ecosystem Into Facebook With SketchFab

Two cloud ventures have partnered to create a bigger cloud: 3DPrinterOS and SketchFab can now easily push 3DPrinterOS 3D models to Facebook. 

3DPrinterOS is one of the leading cloud-based 3D print management solutions, while SketchFab is a cloud-based service enabling simplified presentation of 3D models on websites. SketchFab has been working to ensure their 3D model content can be embedded easily within a wide variety of online environments (we know this for certain, as we’ve worked behind the scenes with them on embedding to new environments.) 

Meanwhile, 3DPrinterOS permits their participants to store 3D models within their cloud, so the new partnership allows 3DPrinterOS users to quickly display their 3D models with SketchFab. 3DPrinterOS has deployed a “Sketchfab to Facebook application” in 3DPrinterOS that does just that. 

This move should increase 3DPrinterOS’s social presence and further their participant ecosystem, as content posted to any social environment using SketchFab will always lead back to 3DPrinterOS. For SketchFab, the partnership enables access to potentially 34,000 3D models stored by 3DPrinterOS members - or more as 3DPrinterOS grows.

If you’re a 3DPrinterOS member, you might want to try it out. If you’re not a 3DPrinterOS member, you can try that too!

Via 3DPrinterOS

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