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ARCAM Expands

Sweden-based 3D metal printer manufacturer ARCAM is expanding by hiring no less than ten new positions. 

The market for metal 3D printing is rapidly expanding as designers and engineers continue to exploit new design approaches enabled by 3D printing, such as the ARCAM-printed hydraulic manifold shown at top. This revolution has generated a lot more interest in 3D metal printing equipment, such as those made by ARCAM, who market several popular metal-powder printers. 
The new positions tell us something about their plans. Let’s look at the specific positions to see what’s up:

  • VP Customer Support (in English)
  • Global Support Engineer
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Arcam Group (in English)
  • Customer Support Engineer in the UK (in English)
  • Office- and inventory Manager Boston, MA, USA (in English)
  • Tekniker till vår produktion (Technologies to our production)
  • Medarbetare till lager och logistik (Employees of warehouse and logistics)
  • Area Sales Managers (in English)
  • IT-ansvarig (IT Manager)
  • Chef Montering (Head Assembly)

What does this tell us? It seems they’re focusing on two strategies: developing additional sales markets (particularly in the US) and secondly ramping up production. Both of these make sense in light of current interest in metal 3D printing. It’s important to note that their approach to additional markets also includes customer support roles. 

Expect to see more ARCAMs in workshops around the world. 


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