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Amazon’s 3D Printed Figurine Service

Amazon’s 3D print marketplace now includes a number of highly-detailed 3D printed figurines of characters from popular video games. 

The company has partnered with Sandboxr, a service specializing in the creation of colorful 3D figurines based on video games. They’ve obtained the appropriate licenses and created the models, which they are now selling through Amazon’s 3D marketplace. 

At the time of this writing, the Sandboxr collection in the Amazon 3D marketplace numbers well over 50 items, with more expected. Characters are derived from Primal Carnage, Smite, Homie Zombies, Cross Hares Board Game and the Ender’s Game Movie, including the impressive Kukulkan from Smite shown at top. Each color 3D print retails for between USD$50-90 and are sent to customers after printing. 

This is not the first example of Amazon promoting exclusive 3D printed products through their growing marketplace. It seems they’ve found a new business model. This could mean interesting times for others providing similar services, but that’s a tale for another day. 

Via Amazon, Sandboxr and Amazon

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