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3D Is Everywhere In This World!

Years ago, very few people knew much about the world of 3D software, or even the notion of 3D as a concept. That’s clearly changing. 

With more 3D software available than ever before, it’s only natural that people will encounter it more often. The huge growth of video games has also led many students into 3D concepts, as 3D software is frequently required to develop elements of virtual reality 3D games. And, this technology can also produce 3D models suitable for 3D printing. 

The percentage of people with awareness of 3D technology has increased and continues to do so. But now we saw a telling signal indicating that 3D has truly hit the mainstream.

3D Doritos. 

Yes, the omnipresent snack food vendor Frito-Lay has developed an experimental flavor / design entitled, “3D Evolution”, as shown above. The product seems to have slightly different names depending on the market area. 

The new snack is in fact extruded corn product, chemically flavored somehow to taste like “Bacon and Cheddar”. The shape is quite thick, perhaps leading to the “3D” in the product name. But it’s really  a 2D shape that’s just a bit oversized on the Z-axis. 

Ironically, this particular shape would be very easy to design in a 3D modeling package - and even easier to 3D print. 

Whether this particular snack survives is of little consequence to us, but what matters is that “3D” now appears in another place in our civilization: the neighborhood grocery store. 

As for the “3D Evolution” snacks themselves, well, they didn’t survive the evening.

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